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About us

We are Grandview Granary, a family owned and operated flour mill. We are also 5th generation farmers, located in Groom, TX.
From sowing and growing, to milling and shipping, our family puts passion into this fine, nutrient-dense, Texas flour.
We believe in the good of healthy, homemade meals made with a pure, high quality flour. There is not another wheat flour on the market right now that is 100% locally sourced. Texas land provides a semi-arid climate where we can grow a high protein wheat that all bakers love. 
Our wheat is non-gmo, and our flour is as pure as it can get. It does not have any additives, flavors added, fillers, colorants, anything. It is just pure, unbleached, unenriched, yet very nutritious, freshly milled flour. 
Compared to other flours, the milling process of our flour never tempers the wheat nor separates its parts (bran, germ, and endosperm), leaving the grain's nutrition intact. 

Our bags are air tight, resealable, water proof, and recyclable. This prevents the flour from oxidizing fast, keeping all the nutrition wheat has to offer. 

Whole Wheat Multi Purpose Flour

We found ourselves not being able to make recipes with the typical whole wheat flour from the store. We decided to dig deeper, and we found this amazing mill that transforms the whole wheat berry into a multi-purpose flour.

You will be able to make spaghetti, bread, pies, pizza crust, pastries, and so much more! The best part, it is VERY nutritious!



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