The Beginnings

Grandview Granary is a family owned and operated mill. From sowing and growing, to milling and shipping, our family puts passion into this fine, nutrient-dense, Texas flour.

Everything started when the shelves at the supermarkets went bare during the Covid crisis. I still remember walking down the aisle wondering if that day was the day when I could finally buy some whole wheat flour to make homemade noodles. We soon realized the importance of local producers, because
local production doesn’t get stuck in cargo ships!!! So we went ahead and bought a small mill, for personal consumption. For the very first time, we tasted FRESH milled whole wheat flour, it was a total game changer! We were so excited to share this experience with neighbors that I would take freshly milled flour to them. The feedback was so incredibly positive, to the point where we noticed the need for a bigger, better mill. As wheat farmers, we saw an awesome opportunity to not only provide Texans with a local flour, but to provide the freshest there is! We spent months studying about flour and all its ups and downs, trying to find the perfect mill to produce the fine flour, took a while. There are mills that alter the wheat berry, which alters its nutrition, we didn’t want that. We wanted to give customers the full advantage of all of wheat's nutrition, since it truly has a lot to offer. Good news, we found the larger mill of our dreams! It’s been a blessing to be able to provide our community with this amazing, fine, tasty, versatile, and nutritious flour.

Farming wise, we take a regenerative approach to agriculture. We practice no-tillage, because we want to keep the root systems intact, and continue to improve our soil structure so it looks like a moist chocolate cake that earth worms love! With that, we try to capture as much rainfall as possible by keeping a mulch on our soil surface that acts like a sponge, to reduce water evaporation and runoff. We plant our crops and fertilize them properly to give them the best chance at good quality and yield. We aim to grow as much biomass as possible, collecting the bountiful energy from the sun with photosynthesis! Those resources go into our wheat crop so we can grow nutritious grain, harvest it, mill it, and package it up in a bag to send home with your family to enjoy! We want God’s land to improve with every crop! And we want each crop to be healthier and better for lasting, restored human health.

We can’t wait for you to try this versatile flour! Get ready to make your taste buds happy and your gut healthy!