Whole Wheat Chips for Salsa

Have you ever had HOMEMADE CHIPS??? They’re the most delicious chips, with healthy ingredients, and they’re so much fun to make. 

You’ve been reading the ingredients on your bag of chips and you realize they’re not as good as they can be. So you decided to make you own!!! 
This recipe is a little bit of work, considering there’s no “rising time” to take a break but it’s so so good!

I always double the recipe, because if I’m going to make the effort, I better make enough for the days to come! But here is the single batch recipe:

3 C Whole Wheat Flour
• 1 tsp salt (+extra to put on top)
• 1/2 C butter
• 1 C water
• Some EVOO spray (extra virgin olive oil)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix the flour and salt in a big bowl. Then, melt butter + water in the stove or microwave. Carefully because it’s hot, pour the liquids into the flour mix. Make the dough! It’s that simple. 
Now, start rolling the dough out. You can do it by hand or with a pasta machine (just the rolling part of course). Cut them into the desired shape, we love the square/rectangle shape to scoop more salsa! But you can cut them in triangles too. Place them in a baking sheet, spray olive oil and salt on them (not much, just make sure they all get some) and place in the oven for 10-12 minutes. As you get done put them in a glass bowl or a container that can handle some heat.
Repeat until all the dough became chips!!!

It’s a VERY simple and repetitive process, you can do it!! Store them in a bag or in the freezer for later. 

Have a great salsa dipping’ day!!!



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